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Let’s create

Let’s create

A brand photographer for your amazing, creative business.

It’s all about the feeling ...

All of us have a story within us that we need to or want to share. Having photographed people for over ten years, I've found huge joy in capturing people's personalities and showing them how to find joy in being visible too.

We are bombarded every day with so many visuals and it can be hard knowing where we fit in or how we want to stand out and I would love to help you with that.

A coffee and chat is ALWAYS included :)

Karen x

My dad is a warm hearted, calm guy and the glass is always half full: I think I'm very much like him ...but with better hair and teeth.
Working with me is going to be an easy, genuine experience. I'm here to guide you through the process of creating a set of photographs that are impressive and meaningful to you, whether you are needing to be more visible online, have beautiful products to showcase or want to capture a particular time in your life.

Some trivia

about me

I actually don't like

I'm obsessed with

coffee, stationery, books

tea, manicures, cacti

My favourite places

Nothing makes me happier than

being by the coast

Japan, Wales & London

I started my photography business

something people don't know is

I'm an advanced scuba diver

in 2010

i wish i could

My perfect hobby

kayaking and macrame

play the guitar, sing in tune!

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