International Women’s Day

8 March 2016

It’s International Women’s day and it’s the perfect opportunity to draw attention to a charity I have been supporting for the last few years. Women for Women International helps survivors of conflict rebuild their lives offering year long training programs that provide them with skills to empower themselves socially and economically. These women then go on to strengthen their families and communities.

As part of the program, women learn ways to earn and manage money, how best to protect their health and that of their family. By gaining confidence in sharing their opinions, making their voice heard and learning about their equal rights with men, they can begin to influence decision making at home and within their community.

The aim of WfWi is to provide women who have survived war and conflict with the skills and resources to progress from the difficult position of struggle and poverty to become more self sufficient and to be able to create a more stable community for themselves and their children. In the words of WfWi, “We’re changing the world one woman at a time.”

Many of the women who sign up for the program have a starting point of loss, tragedy or abuse that has an ongoing impact long after the conflict has ended. WfWi was originally set up by Zainab Salbi, an Iraqi-American humanitarian, the UK director is the wonderful Brita Fernandez Schmidt. Many events are organised throughout the year to raise funds to give as many women as possible access to the program as well as offering a chance to sponsor an individual to take part in the program which operates in eight countries including Rwanda, Kosovo and Afghanistan,

I’ve included some images from one of their past catwalk shows held at Brewer Street car park, hosted by Charlotte Olympia Dellal and supported by some of the WfWi ambassadors, Nadja Swarovski, Arizona Muse and Joan Bernstein, creator of Browns boutique who wrote about it here.

The amazing art work in the catwalk space is by Quentin Jones.

Please do visit the Women For Women International website to learn more about the inspirational work they do and whilst you’re at it please do feel free to use social media to tag a woman who inspires you so that the charity receives ¬£1 from their sponsors, Elemis for each posting. Just remember to tag it #SheInspiresme

Much love, Karen x