How branding attracts your audience

Anyone fancy a coffee? Yes?

Well then, where would you choose to meet? What makes you choose to go to one place over another?

I really DO like my coffee, and if you met me for a chat I’d take you to my favourite place just up the road from my house. There are a few coffee shops in the area but I go to the same place time and again because I like the way it makes me feel, and the coffee tastes good obviously. It’s a great example of how good branding attracts an ideal audience.

The ambience of the place with its quirky art work, friendly service, spacious layout, great coffee and cakes (rose and pistachio is delicious!!) is what gets me returning time and again. They even give me some treats for my dog and now it’s my dog’s fave coffee shop too.

There are a few other lovely cafes in the area – one has an authentic farmhouse, rustic feel with long bench style tables, it is very popular and the food is very good. The other cafe is a quick and easy stop off without too many frills and offers fast service. They are all thriving businesses in the same market place but connect with people in a different way.

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So how do we apply this to our own brands?

Think about if your brand were a coffee shop what would your shop window look like, what would it feel like to walk in? What is the enticement for people to spend money with you as opposed to someone else?

It all comes down to your branding, and how you present yourself is part of that. Sharing what you do and allowing people to get to know you is what builds that know, like and trust factor. Brand photography is a way to communicate this easily and accessibly. It puts you front and centre of your brand and showcases your talent and expertise as well as giving you lots of content to share over a long period of time. And what a stress saver that is!

All the different elements that come together to make your brand stand out also have to be cohesive. Starting with the images you share as the initial hook and attraction, the tone of voice and writing, your message, your offer and benefits.

Think about your brand’s personality. It may project excitement – imaginative, spirited, a bit rebellious and quirky. Or maybe it’s a feel-good brand – warm, caring, friendly, soulful. Putting words together to describe your brand character helps pull the various elements together. This applies as much to you as a personal brand as it does a business. See this post on defining your personal brand for more tips.

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As I believe that striking photography and film make a big impact on how your brand is perceived, when you work with me we take a good look at where your brand is right now and where you want it to go. We delve into a brand workbook to get to the nitty gritty of your business so the images are a true and inspiring reflection of your talent and expertise.

If you’d like to know what’s involved in a photoshoot, here’s my Personal Branding Guide

I’m also offering films to create impactful branding for your website and social media, find out more here.

And if you fancy that coffee I keep talking about then feel free to get in touch to have a no obligation chat about how good branding attracts your ideal audience and how I can help you with this.

Karen x

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