Best locations for a photoshoot

When you’re browsing the internet or social media what makes you linger on an image is to do with how it appeals to you on a visual and aesthetic level. Quite often we don’t even know why we like something but we know it speaks to us on a certain level – we identify with it through the colours, lighting and spatial elements.

Whenever I’m planning brand shoots with my clients we take into consideration several different things that make up a photo session and one of those is the location.

So I thought I’d share a few ideas with you about how to source and choose a location whether that’s for a professional shoot or for you to take your own pics for instagram.

Finding a good location is partly to do with what you like but it’s mostly to do with your audience and what you offer through your business or brand. Let’s take a look at your audience – who are they, what problems are you solving for them, how does your business make them feel? So when you’re sharing a photo of yourself it makes more sense to your audience if that environment is connected to your business in a compatible way.

personal brand photo shoot in London

What kind of vibe do you want to create that connects with your audience. This comes down to the nitty gritty of your branding. You probably already have this sorted so let’s just ask, how do you see your brand? Would you describe it as being bold and a little rebellious sharing your message with unapologetic impact – full of bright lights and bold colours. Think about an urban location with colourful walls, neon light, shiny, glittery pieces.

Or maybe brutalist architecture and strong contrasts speaks to you.

Karen Flower personal brand photography

Or are you looking to convey a sense of nurturing, well being and calm then perhaps a golden hour outdoor shoot would be a good fit. Think of yoga practices, mindfulness coaching, retreats etc. Getting out into nature whether that’s woodland, fields or mountains sends a strong message about what you stand for.

outdoor brand photography shoot in the woods

As I said, it’s mostly about your audience but it’s also about your amazing self and how you get your energy. Do you thrive in the buzz and bustle of urban areas or would you prefer a quieter spacious environment or even the comfort and familiarity of your home turf?

woman in personal brand photo shoot London

All this depends of course on what you’re offering your ideal audience and we will already have done the work in our Brand Workbook to hone in on what your brand message is and what you need from a photoshoot.

As an example, Isobel came to me for a photos session as she felt the photos she already had that were taken outdoors in a park, although nice enough, they weren’t really reflecting what she does. So we created an evening jazz vibe (in the middle of the day!) so that Isobel could present herself as the incredible singer that she is.

jazz singer Karen Flower Photography

So when you are looking for locations for yourself have a browse through Pinterest… you probably don’t need any encouragement from me on that front. I love a Pinterest browse! Or create a folder of tear sheets from magazines and see what theme starts to emerge.

I hope you found this useful 🙂

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Karen x