WPJA top 100 award

Documentary awards for wedding photography

Over the last few years, I came across the work of some documentary wedding photographers whose work I admired, and aspired to, who were getting recognised by the Wedding Photo-Journalist Association – WPJA – for capturing authentic moments in a creative way at weddings. For me, these images are modern and visually interesting but still timeless.

I’ve always thought delivering good work to my clients is what I strive for but I wanted to get a measure of how I was performing in the context of documentary work so I thought I’d submit to some documentary award organisations and see what happened. It’s a valuable process in assessing my own work and also gives me some feedback. The judges at the WPJA are NOT wedding photographers but photojournalists and that was an important aspect for me.

I was chuffed to bits to come away with a few awards and even make the Top 100 Global Award list in 2018. But this is the icing on the cake, a pat on the back, but it’s not the whole cake (can you tell I’m writing this while I’m hungry). For me it will ALWAYS be about making my clients happy and filling their memories with photographs of joy, love, emotion and character.

Here are some of my awards with a little bit of background info.

This was taken at Naomi and Pete’s wedding at Bartholomew Barns in Surrey. It rained most for the day but that didn’t stop the fun.
bubbles during the first dance
Agi and Rob’s pub wedding had just the laid back vibe I love. This was a casual, ‘shall we even have one’ first dance and the bubble machine was on for the guests dance floor action. It was taken with a bounced flash in a darkish pub.
bride getting ready with bridesmaids
The getting ready part of the day is one of the most authentic for capturing family relationships and interactions. Anna had a house full of people and there was a relaxed but excited vibe. I love this moment when dad just has a bit of a breather waiting for Anna and her friends to be ready.
eucalyptus confetti
The Russell Suite at Pembroke Lodge allows you to have bio degradable confetti indoors. What better choice than a whole bunch of eucalyptus leaves! Look at how happy Anna and Jack are!
Kids at weddings are absolute GOLD. As I chat with the guests on and off throughout the day, it allows them to feel relaxed around me, and for me to get close like this without being a distraction.
Father of the bride hugging his daughter
That father – daughter moment that gives you a lump in your throat.
grannies at weddings
Lucy’s Nan absolutely enjoying the ride…and a lift over the steps by some very gallant ushers.
flower girls carrying confetti
Fierce. In the Beyonce sense.
flower girls getting ready
The flowergirls’ Mums giving a helping hand at Fiona and Tim’s wedding
ceilidh at a tipi wedding
An absolutely fun Ceilidh at this tipi wedding at Eggington House.
bridesmaid helping the bride
Multitasking bridesmaid.
wedding ring getting stuck
Naomi has such an expressive face and I love this pic of her reaction when the ring gets stuck on Pete’s finger.
wedding in a heat wave
It was an absolute scorcher of a day at Pembroke Lodge. A bit tricky when the fan gets caught in your hair.
mother of the groom looking surprised
I have no idea what was said but the groom’s Mum has the best reaction.
wedding ceilidh at Pembroke Lodge
Ceilidh action in The Russell Suite at Pembroke Lodge
bridesmaids at a winter wedding
You wouldn’t believe that this was taken during a storm. We had a small break in the weather and the sun back lit Annabelle’s bridesmaids sorting out her dress.
page boy