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        wedding photography prices

        WEDDINGS - My approach and pricing

        Documentary photography is, for me, the very best kind of photography because it captures real life and honest emotions with all its beauty and messiness. It’s about reflecting back to you moments and feelings that existed fleetingly, magically, never to be repeated. My documentary style looks for these moments, observing and anticipating interactions, while aiming to create beautiful and genuine images. Whoever you choose should connect with you, fit in with the kind of vibe you have planned for your wedding day…and generally be a easy to be around. I’m also full of useful wedding tips gathered from years of shooting wonderful weddings. I like to Skype or chat with my couples before booking so we can see if we’re on the same wavelength and if they will be happy to have me pretty much hanging around them all day. Maybe have a quick look at what my clients say about me.  

        wedding photography prices

        I bring a heartfelt connection to what happens on your wedding day and what will be important to you way down the line after the honeymoon buzz has faded. By that I mean, the photographs of the really meaningful moments of your wedding, the connections, the sort of pictures that are your legacy … from the nervy pre wedding moments through to the hilarious party shots. All wedding collections include

        • pre wedding planning
        • flexible hours to suit you
        • online password gallery
        • downloadable web gallery
        • usb with print ready files for your own personal use

        There are easy ways to personalise your wedding photography with pre wed shoots, albums, second photographer. Full day wedding photography starts from £1700. Please get in touch to find out more.

        You can find out a little bit about me here. Please feel free to email me – karen@karenflowerphotography.com or via the contact form. Call on 07914 381919 if you prefer.

        Before the wedding.

        So you’ve decided we’re a good match and you’d like me to be a part of your wedding day….yay, let’s do this. The first thing that happens is that we exchange contracts and you pay a booking fee to secure your date. You’ll receive a detailed receipt showing exactly what you’ve chosen to include in your wedding photography. We’ll keep in touch over the months leading up to the big day and then a few weeks before, we’ll either meet for coffee or Skype to have a run through the timings and details of your wedding day. One final check the week before, to see if you’ve made any last minute changes and we’re good to go.  

        On the wedding day

        All my kit and other photography paraphenalia will have been checked the night before…many many times (!) and again in the morning. Us wedding photographers are a bit paranoid… in a good way. When I arrive at your getting ready room, I’ll say hello and have a quick chat before I even get the camera out. You may not even notice I’ve started taking pictures, especially as my cameras have a super duper silent mode. I’ll usually be with you about 2 hours before the ceremony and stay until the dance floor is well and truly thumping. Can’t miss those crazy dance moves!

        After the wedding

        After we’ve said our goodbyes and I’ve left you throwing excellent moves on the dance floor, I’ll get home and back up all your images a few times to different places. I don’t actually go to bed for ages as I’m still full of excitement and buzzing from the wedding… I quite often stay up late with a glass of wine. Each of your carefully selected wedding photos are then editing one by one to present them at their best. This attention to details is very time consuming but after your honeymoon and a post wedding catch-up with family and friends, your images will be in your on-line gallery about 6 weeks after your wedding ready for viewing and sharing. Your usb parcel, with a few surprises, follows a week later.

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        That’s fantastic. I’ll send you a contract to fill in with all the details and contact information for your wedding. You’ll receive a signed copy and a detailed receipt from me showing exactly what you have chosen to include in your wedding photography collection. On receiving a non-refundable booking fee of £300 and a signed contract from you, your date is secured.